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Professions and Values


Discover a world of exciting opportunities in the fields of product engineering, optics, mechanics, electronics, and software.

Join our passionate team and contribute to innovative projects at the forefront of technology.

supports functions

Support functions encompass Human Resources, Financial functions, Purchasing and Procurement, and Quality Assurance. All these functions have a highly operational focus and play a crucial role in the overall performance of our operations and the company. This positioning, desired by management, is one of the keys to our functioning and success. By joining our support functions, you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice and develop your expertise in strategic areas, actively contributing to the collective success of the company.

operations and production techniques

The fields of product industrialization, optronic manufacturing, and machining are at the core of our expertise. By joining our team, you will contribute to the creation of high-performance devices, the majority of which are value-added in France. Your work will be essential to ensuring the quality and reliability of our products.

Be at the forefront of industrial innovation!

sales France & International – Marketing

Actively contribute to Elynxo’s development by joining our Sales & Marketing team. Your mission will be to analyze the needs and expectations of our clients, identify new business opportunities, and effectively promote the sale of our products and services in both public and private markets.

Join us and actively participate in our growth !

Ingénieur tenant Virtuose, le monoculaire multifonction d'Elynxo

  • Photo portrait Jean Soleille Directeur Général d'Elynxo
    Jean Soleille

    To pursue sustainable growth in harmony with our CSR commitments.

    Our company relies on a flexible organizational structure, an innovation-oriented strategy, and continuous growth, while integrating concrete measures to meet our corporate social responsibility, positioning us favorably in an ever-changing world.

  • Photo portrait Nuno Lerias, Directeur Technique chez Elynxo
    Nuno Lerias
    Technical Director

    R&D is at the core of our approach.

    Our approach fundamentally relies on innovation and first-rate research and development, essential’ pillars that drive our company and enhance our long-term competitiveness.

  • Photo portrait Juliette Lloret, RRH d'Elynxo
    Juliette Lloret
    Human Resources

    Manager Elynxo is first and foremost a team of women and men passionate about their professions.

    Elynxo places at the heart of its mission the professional development and fulfillment of each talent, a process inseparable from our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, an essential value of our collective success.

  • Photo Portrait de Laurie Jacob, responsable commerciale d'Elynxo
    Laurie Jacob
    Sales Manager

    Elynxo is a key player, operating at the heart of the complex international challenges of defense and industry.

    Our group relies on a flexible organizational structure, an innovation-oriented strategy, and continuous growth, while integrating concrete measures to meet our corporate social responsibility, positioning us favorably in an ever-changing world.

  • Photo Portrait de Nicolas Dissaux, responsable de production mécanique de précision, chez Elynxo
    Nicolas Dissaux
    Precision Mechanical – Production Manager

    Bringing high-performance solutions and flexibility to our clients.

    Our approach integrates cutting-edge technical expertise, rigorous processes, an absolute commitment to quality, and great flexibility, ensuring an agile and highly effective response in all situations.

Team Spirit

What if this opportunity was the one you’ve been waiting for? By joining Elynxo, you become part of an ambitious company where everyone’s contribution is valued and offering significant opportunities for growth.

R&D and development culture

Are you a technology and innovation enthusiast, looking for a company that encourages creativity ? At Elynxo, we value bold minds and are constantly seeking innovative ideas to enrich our projects.


We place great importance on the well-being of our employees and create a working environment that meets your expectations.

Our site benefits from an environment conducive to outdoor sports activities. To strengthen team cohesion, we organize an annual seminar as well as numerous friendly events throughout the year. We regularly invest in new projects focused on the well-being of our employees.


At Elynxo, we offer quality jobs with many opportunities for advancement, focusing on the good match between each individual’s preferences and operational roles, as well as internal mobility. We also encourage the integration of young people into the workforce through the regular employment of interns and apprentices.