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Elynxo specializes in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of optronic equipment and sub-assemblies for defense, security, and industrial sectors. Thanks to its comprehensive industrial expertise, Elynxo masters the entire lifecycle of its products, including capabilities in precision machining and assembly of complex mechanical and optoelectronic components.

The company distinguishes itself-with its level of expertise in advanced technologies, unique industrial skills, and strong culture of innovation. Its mass production capabilities are continuously improving.


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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to constantly improve our quality processes to meet the highest standards : Label UFA, French Fab, ISO9001, EN 9100…

  • Elynxo introduces the new multifunction monocular, Virtuose.

    Elynxo introduces the new multifunction monocular, Virtuose.

    A Lightweight Multifunction Monocular Elynxo, recognized as one of the leading French companies in the field of optronics, introduces Virtuose, the new lightweight multifunction monocular. As information gathering, collection, and data sharing become increasingly critical on the operational theaters, operators often have access to thermal imaging and designation systems that are cumbersome and sometimes unsuitable…

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