Virtuose monoculaire multifonction avec voie directe optique et thermique

VIRTUOSE, the new multifunction monocular by Elynxo

The best performance-to-weight and size ratio on the market

Here is VIRTUOSE, the new multifunction monocular by Elynxo.

VIRTUOSE is the only product in the world that integrates, in such a compact size and weight, a direct optical vision of this quality (transmission, image quality), next-generation thermal vision, target geolocation functionality, and wireless connectivity.

Designed to meet the needs of security and defense forces in observation and reconnaissance for surveillance missions, intelligence gathering, and precision shooting, it is also perfectly suited for search and rescue operations.

Extremely compact, it combines numerous functionalities that previously required multiple devices, marking a significant advancement for the user.

VIRTUOSE is unique in the world, radically innovative, designed and manufactured in France 🇫🇷