Accord de partenariat distribution produits optronique Elynxo avec Heimdall Defence

Elynxo announces new strategic partnerships.


Elynxo, recognized as one of the leading French companies in the field of optronics, today announces two major partnerships that will strengthen its position in Asia and demonstrate its continued commitment to innovation and excellence in defense and security.

Partnership with Heimdall Defence

Heimdall Defence, a major player in the distribution of defense technologies, is distinguished by its expertise in developing innovative solutions to address the complex challenges of defense. Their sales force and reputation make them the preferred partner for the Southeast Asia region. This partnership will enable Elynxo to provide its advanced optronic solutions, including its product, Virtuoso, to ground, naval, and aerial forces, as well as security forces operating in this region.

Partnership with Front-Line Equipment (FLE)

Elynxo also takes a crucial step by partnering with Front-Line Equipment (FLE), an expert in representing and distributing defense technologies, to promote its interests to the Japanese self-defense and security forces. With a strong sales team and an established reputation, FLE is an ideal partner to support Elynxo’s expansion efforts in Japan.


Virtuose, Elynxo’s multifunctional monocular, lies at the heart of these new strategic partnerships.

With its unique capabilities, combining thermal imaging, direct optical view, laser rangefinder, geolocation, and numerous other advanced features, Virtuoso offers advanced capabilities in a compact format.

As information gathering, collection, and sharing become increasingly important on the operational theaters, operators have access to thermal imaging and designation systems that are often bulky and sometimes unsuitable for the needs of their missions. Virtuoso positions itself as the answer to these challenges for ground, aerial, and naval forces, enabling optimized OODA loops.