Elynxo , lauréat de l’AAP « Première Usine

Elynxo, winner of the “First Factory” Call for Projects

This success underscores the relevance of our industrial project and the confidence that the state has placed in us to effectively contribute to the reindustrialization plan of France.

We are pleased to announce that Elynxo has been selected as one of the winning companies of the “First Factory” program, with its project for a new industrial site dedicated to innovative products in the field of optics.

“Première Usine” is a key element of the France2030 development policy, aimed at addressing France’s industrial lag, investing heavily in innovative technologies, and supporting the ecological transition.

We would like to express our gratitude to the French government and Bpifrance for their trust in our CEO 2026 project. France is implementing exemplary initiatives aimed at encouraging the emergence of innovative and environmentally responsible companies.

This award recognizes our commitment, as a long-standing SME, to creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as our industrial project to establish a center of excellence in optronics in France.

With your support, we will take a crucial step in our development in France and internationally, by securing our full-scale industrial establishment in France.