Goniomètre d'artillerie GP2M Elynxo en opération en Roumanie

The optronic equipment used during the AIGLE mission in Romania

The GP2M pointing goniometer used during the EAGLE THUNDER exercise

From April 15 to 20, the EAGLE THUNDER live-fire exercise took place at Camp Cincu in Romania, bringing together soldiers from Belgium, France, Romania, Portugal, Poland, and North Macedonia.

This exercise included various firing sequences such as anti-tank, artillery, tank assaults, precision shooting, and ambush tactics. EAGLE THUNDER aimed to enhance coordination among allies and test the integration of partner detachments within multinational battalion units.

During this exercise, the French Army utilized equipment developed by Elynxo, specifically the GP2M aiming goniometer. This device enables day and night aiming of mortars in elevation and azimuth. The two-stage goniometer maintains the accuracy of targeting origins, and its compact size allows it to remain attached to the mortar throughout the firing sequence. All reading points are illuminated without tritium, in compliance with European regulations.

Goniomètre d'artillerie GP2M Elynxo en opération en Roumanie

Optronic equipment by Elynxo used : GP2M goniometer

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